MANGER THUMBPRINT Art, Nativity DIY, Nativity Fingerprint Digital Download Fingerprint Art Kit, Nativity Worksheets, Manger Worksheets

MANGER THUMBPRINT Art, Nativity DIY, Nativity Fingerprint Digital Download Fingerprint Art Kit, Nativity Worksheets, Manger Worksheets


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What a great way to reinforce the story of the Nativity! Children as young as 3 will love to create this extra special NATIVITY 3 DIMENSIONAL PRINTOON PLAY SET, FINGERPRINT ART ADVENT CALENDAR and MURALS! This kit includes 2 pages of PRINTOONS STANDS that can be cut and folded and set up with the STABLE BACKGROUND AND 8.5" X 14" SCENIC BACKDROP, a small 8.5" x 11" mural and a large 8.5” x 14” mural and 1 page ADVENT CALENDAR printed on 8.5" x 14" paper where children can add Printoons as they count down to Christmas. There is a page of Printoon Thumbprint Art Samples that children can use for ideas to decorate all of these wonderful learning pages.

These projects provide creative backgrounds for your child's special one-of-a-kind fingerprint art (12 pages total). Print out the copies, place some fun, colorful watercolor ink pads in the middle of the table, and watch the whole family make special Christmas memories creating characters with their fingerprints on these stimulating pages. Great for home use as a solitary activity, to entertain siblings and cousins or groups such as Sunday School. Imagine the joy of your loved ones receiving Christmas cards with your children's unique prints. A true keepsake! Printoon art is as unique as the fingerprint, and can encourage kids to be very creative. The sample pages are just to spark ideas, as children are encouraged to invent their own fingerprint characters. Printoon art is a wonderful keepsake, reflecting a moment in time of your child's development.

The best thing about Printoons is the message of the fingerprint. Since no two fingerprints have been found to be alike ever in history, Printoons art is a great way to create discussion around how we are all meant to be different, allowing kids to feel safe to express their unique personality. Each kit comes with an activity that stimulates discussion about the miracle of the fingerprint encouraging each child to be their "best self" and help make the world a better place. Printoons are special like you, try this fingerprint art with a message!

EQUIPMENT: You will need access to a good color printer, 8.5" x 11" paper and cardstock, 8.5" x 14" paper or cardstock for the large mural and backdrop, water color ink pads (more colors encourage more creativity!), scissors, and writing instrument such as pencil, rolling ball pen or fine felt tip marker. You can print out the cover and glue to a pocket folder to make a Printoons Fingerprint Art Kit, keeping all the pages together.