Printoons - Fingerprint Art with a Message

Printoons help stimulate discussion about how we are each created to be unique individuals and how to make a positive influence on the world!

The best thing about Printoons is the message of the Fingerprint. No two Printoon characters are ever alike!

Keep your pages together in a pocket folder. Glue the cover to the front.

Download a kit today! Print as many or as few pages as you need.

Great keepsake as a moment in time of your child's development.

Children's Printoon art is so endearing!

Even teenagers love Printoons

Art from Guatemala

Printoons on Mission Trips!

Printoons for clubs

Printoons in schools

Printoons for ages 0-100, great as a geriatric enrichment activity. The family loved their Printoon Valentine from their 100 year old great grandma!

Printoons are extra special at any age from 0-100!

Printoons is a family business

Printoon products are in stores, but the electronic version is much more versatile for groups.

We started in craft shows to teach my girls about business 16 years ago.

The Printoonmobile!

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